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"Straight Flush Fun-Raiser"

Racing to find a cure!

Saturday, March 11, 2006:  40 friends accompanied me on a turn-around bus to State Line, NV.  This was my first fundraising event and I am pleased to say it was a success!! 
We had a spectacular driver - Arthur Morgan from America Asia Express Inc. and despite what was suppose to be thunderstorms, rain, wind, hail and snow...we made great time and completely safe.













Big thanks goes to the following individuals:
Kelly and her mom, Chris.  This trip would not have been half as successful without their help!!  The gift bags were such a thoughtful touch!!
Elizabeth and Trevor.  Had a snow storm hit us, we would never have starved!!  Between breakfast burritos (and homemade salsa), bagels, muffins, donuts, etc...we had food for days!!
Doug, who helped me keep my sanity...and kept me company throughout the day!  I forgive you for stealing my mo-jo AND my Jack Pot party!!
Michelle - for donating Cookie Lee jewelry to the raffle and for offering 30% of any cookie lee sales towards my fundraising - http://www.cookieleecom - if you would like to purchase any Cookie Lee items, please contact me!!  And thanks for bringing the extra goodies & toilet paper!!!
Jim - for donating the AWESOME coupon for oil changes and a variety of car tune up services!!  This made for a spectacular raffle prize!!
Stephani - for helping put together the gift bags and making the raffle prizes look so pretty!!  I appreciate your creativity so very much!
Gaby - for taking the time to bake a huge platter of brownies!!  They were a big hit!I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Ann & Audrey, Renan & Friends, Sue, Chrissy, Nora, Lisa, Chris, Angie & Frank, Frankie & Friend, Rocio & David, Gaby, Greshaun, Nuvia & Yvette, Stephani, Janelle, & Susan, Teresa, Elaine, Lori & Scarlett, Melisa, Noel & Hillary, Jim, Michelle & Brian, Sondra & Lisa, Jimmy, Megan, Doug, Kelly, Elizabeth - Thank you for coming out and braving what was suppose to be really bad weather.  We were blessed with a beautiful day, a great driver and hopefully all of you had a damn good time!!
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. ~ Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Interested in hosting your own Turn Around Fundraiser?  Check out American Asia Express Inc.  Request Arthur Morgan to be your driver!

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